Deciding on which series to race in, which team to select or which engineers to have working with you are just a few of the challenging decisions that get made and typically the drivers that make the right decisions, with the best advice are the ones that succeed. Using the knowledge and experience gained over the last 22 years, Lionsport will work with you closely in making sure the right steps are taken in order to create the best environment with the best team and enabling you to maximize potential and be in the best position to achieve your goals. Based in Indianapolis, Indiana close to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, we are well positioned in one of the most famous motor racing cities in the world


Lionsport works with determined drivers who are committed to achieving their motorsport goals. We understand that only a small percentage of drivers reach the pinnacle of their chosen motorsport discipline and to do this requires dedication, commitment, hard work and passion. These are the qualities we look for.


Lionsport is spearheaded by professional race car driver Stephen Simpson. Lionsport was born out of the knowledge and experiences gained by Stephen over the course of his 22 years of involvement in motorsport.

About Stephen


Setting realistic goals and a plan for delivery is a key part of career strategy. We understand that being successful in motorsport is no easy task. Using our knowledge and first-hand experience, we will guide you on the right path and give you every opportunity to succeed in professional motorsport. We understand that many young drivers pursue a professional career at an early age and that it is not always possible for parents to accompany their son/daughter to the race track. We recognise that not only is this an important time for a young driver in taking the best steps for their careers, but also an important developmental stage of a young person’s life. It is our goal to surround our drivers with the best people who are going to play a part in the positive development of our drivers.

Our Services

Lionsport offers a complete range of driver development services. We believe each race car driver is unique and each driver requires a tailored plan which focus on areas needing specific attention in order to develop a driver into a winning driver.


    Professional promotion to race teams - Sourcing best opportunities with race teams and series within the US - Support and attendance at races, practice and testing - Post-race de-brief’s and analysis.

    Inside and outside the race car - Providing knowledge and advice at the race track - Behind the wheel, in front of the camera and in the Boardroom - Racing in the USA for the first time? We will help you get settled.

    Navigating the steps up the ‘Road to Indy’ ladder system or Sports Car Racing - Best path to becoming a professional race car driver (IndyCar or Sports Car) - Team selection advice to find the best fit for you and the best deal - Contract negotiation advice - Forward thinking career planning (1, 3 & 5 years) - Help in creation of personal brand deck & resume - Funding initiatives, ideas and advice on how to generate funding (private investment, sponsorship and Business 2 Business).

    Provide insider knowledge and information on the race tracks - Pre-race track notes and track maps - Corner timing, data debriefing and video analysis - We use DartFish, a computed based video software program designed specifically for overlaying video to compare driving techniques and lines with other drivers from inside and outside the race car.


For more information, please contact us via email or call us at 1-305-310-8810

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